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Monday, September 15, 2014

Newsletter 37 September 2014

Presidents Report

Newsletter 37  September   2014 - Post AGM

Greetings Everyone,
The time is drawing closer and closer, the show is coming up fast.   Our quilts need to be in Adelaide by the 20th and then those who are able to attend Festival will be able to see the AMQA Inc. Quilt Show from Friday night 3rd October.  Prior to that there is judging day on the 2nd and then the hanging will take place on Friday.  If you are attending festival, have some free time and would like to volunteer some of your time to help with the show or festival please let us know.

2015 Member’s Challenge – Our new VP is busy preparing the member’s challenge for 2015 to be released at the show in October.  This will give you all a year to think about and design your entry.  The challenge will be judged in October 2015.  We would love as many members as possible to join in this challenge, it’s a great opportunity to stretch your skills and/or try a new technique without the commitment of a full sized quilt.  The challenge entries are around 40” square.  We have discussed these quilts becoming a travelling exhibition but we can’t offer this if there are less than 10 quilts.  This would be great exposure for your quilting business.

AGM – After the AGM we almost have a full committee so there is room for more of our members to help maintain the association and share their ideas.  Please make contact to express your ideas or willingness to be part of the association management committee.   
As the president role remained unelected it was voted that I remain as president until the EGM being held after the AMQA Inc. Quilt Show.  This is possible according to the constitution as it is a temporary election.  At the EGM on the 15th October we will need to elect our new president.  The EGM will happen via Skype linkup as per the AGM so please consider taking part.  You will need to send me your Skype contact details to be added to the meeting.

A number of the committee needed to resign due to personal and family issues.  This leaves the remainder of the committee to manage the same amount of work and the result is that we still have areas that we can improve on.  Making the membership more worthwhile is one of those areas. The cost for membership can be daunting but is actually quite reasonable, We want to make it even more appealing.  Your ideas are always welcome.

The Mentoring program has made some progress however there are still newer members to assign to mentors and make contact with.  This is ongoing as new members join.  Thank you to those who are our mentors. 

I would like to thank Val Towill and Gayle Dayman for their dedication to the AMQA Management Committee.  They have served the association extremely diligently for many years, longer than they should have really.  We welcome all new committee members and anyone else who would like to participate.

The Newsletter has been in the most capable hands of Jan Foster and we appreciate the hard work she does and the planning that goes into the newsletter.  Thanks to Jan we have been able to be more regular with this communication to our members.  The need for input from members is ongoing.

Jan is not able to continue producing our newsletter after this edition so we urgently need a newsletter editor or team.  Please consider supporting your association this way. 

The issue of the Secretary needing to reside in Qld or within 65km of the border is ongoing and for us as a national association has far reaching effects. We have created an Assistant Secretary position which will allow us to maintain the constitution but allow us greater flexibility with members helping in those roles. We now have a secretary team.
To build relationships with the state guilds we have continued to support the guild exhibitions as many of our members are also members of their local guild.  We also want to encourage other quilters.  We have liaised with the guilds to determine the direction of the sponsorship.  Some guilds have created a new award for long arm quilting, others have created awards for frame quilting and non-frame quilting.  All encourage quilters and this is what we want to do.
Our Quilt Show is now fully sponsored and I want to thank Barbara Cutmore for stepping in to be our Secretary and following up with so much of the sponsorship work for our show.  We have 106 entries for this year’s show.
As I have mentioned before the committee position names are mainly a division of tasks to be done and the committee has banded together where necessary to ensure things take place.  I sincerely thank the outgoing committee and welcome to the new management committee for 2014/15.  I have learned a great deal whilst president and can see many areas that we as an association can help.
So, a brief recap
#The show is coming soon, can you help?  Email
#The EGM is coming soon, send me your Skype contact to be added to the meeting – We need a new president, and newsletter team
#2015 Member’s Challenge will be released at the show, show us your quilting finesse next year
#Consider joining the committee to make our association better, send in your ideas

If you are at the show/festival come and say hello.  I’ll be wearing my badge.
Raylee Bielenberg
President  AMQA Inc.


Our current/outgoing President Raylee Bielenberg seen left in this photo, hosted the last  Longarm Get together in Canberra, late August 2014.
Cath Midson, Sharon French and Jan Foster travelled down from Sydney  and the Central Coast of NSW to attend the get together, enjoying the Canberra  Craft and Quilt Fair the next day.

I’d just like to say a really big thank you to Raylee for hosting the get-together last week.  I really enjoy the get-togethers and I’m finding it a great way to meet other quilters, share stories, ideas, problem solve and discuss various items pertaining to quilting and to running our businesses.  I have learnt a lot, especially about online presence and business management software.  I’m looking forward to our next get-together later in the year.
Sharon French - Morning Star Quilting

We are hoping to organise one more later this year.....stay tuned for details...
We have set up a facebook page. NSW Professional Longarm Quilters

Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Australian Machine Quilters Association Inc

To be held on: Wednesday 15th October 2014 at 8.00pm (QLD), 9.00pm (NSW, ACT, Tas)  8.30pm (SA), ,6.00pm (WA), 11.00pm (NZ)
Location: 28 Stendell Street, Wakerley, QLD 4154
                with Skype link up for members
Skype contact -  thomasnraylee for link up  - REMINDER - Please set up this link a few days before the EGM.

Business to be conducted at EGM
  • Election of President
Candidates Wanted for Management Committee Enclosed is a link to a candidate Nomination Form for the position of President. If you are interested in what is involved in being the President, please take the time to read the enclosed “Job Descriptions” page. If you feel you have skills and time to contribute, please feel free to nominate for this position. Please contact the Secretary for further information if you are interested. Maybe you are unable to serve on the committee yourself but know of a fellow member who in your opinion would be ideal in one of this position. Please lobby them. The ultimate decision is up to the members, not the committee. Nomination forms need to be returned to The Secretary by 13th October  2014.
If we are unable to elect a President, then AMQA Inc. will have to dissolve as we will be unable to continue without a President.  Raylee has kindly agreed to continue as Interim President during the AMQA Show period, but will not be able to continue in the role.  Our Association's Constitution prevents any member serving in a position beyond 3 continuous years.  This rule is designed to instill new people into the committee to foster fresh ideas and to assist in building a strong association for members.  Proxy Forms If you are unable to attend the meeting either in person or via Skype link up, two proxy forms are enclosed. Complete Form 1 if you wish a member present either in person or via phone link to vote at their discretion. Or, complete Form 2 to enable your nominated proxy to vote how you have indicated.  Please complete and return to the Secretary by 10th October 2014. 
Please find attached the Minutes of the AGM held on August 20, 2014 to find the current members of the committee as well as the Committee Reports.            

Kind Regards

Jane Rundle
Secretary AMQA Inc
28 Stendell Street
Wakerley, QLD 4154

AMQA Quilt Show Sponsors